What is EazyPoint

EazyPoint can be earn on every booking you have made. You will receive different amount of EazyPoints based on what medium you use to book the car either using mobile apps or website. Next, you will be classified based on your rank. Collect your EazyPoint now to get more benefits.


Earn Points to Level Up Your Rank

400 - 999 Points
1000 - 2999 Points
3000 - 6999 Points
7000 Points
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Terms and Conditions EazyPoint

  1. EazyPoint or known as EP represent a collective point as a gift to the customer that are using KLEZCAR services.
  2. Every generated EazyPoint from KLEZCAR car rental, the calculation will be as below;
    1. Every booking made from KLEZCAR Mobile Apps either from Android or Apple IOs user, it will be based on this formula of RM1.00 = 1 EazyPoint (1EP). Example: If the rental rate is worth of RM100.00 so the total point will be 100 EazyPoint(EP).
    2. Every booking made by from  www.klezcar.com website, the formula will be  of RM1.00 equal to 0.5 EazyPoint (0.5EP).
  3. Every collected EazyPoint will automatically expired after 2 months and cannot be redeemed. Example: If customer received 100 EazyPoint (100EP) on month of 1st of March 2020, so it will automatically expired on 1st of May 2020.
  4. Any booking that was made using discount code from KLEZCAR HQ or branch does not entitled you to any EazyPoint.
  5. Only rental bookings that have been paid in full are eligible for EazyPoint.
  6. All blacklisted customers will lose the entire EazyPoint and cannot be reclaimed.
  7. EazyPoint is not transferable to anyone.
  8. EazyPoint cannot be exchanged for cash.
  9. Only up to maximum of 75% can be redeemed from accumulated EazyPoint at that particular time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is EazyPoint?

EazyPoint (EP) is a gift from KLEZCAR to all loyal customers in the form of points collection and accumulated EazyPoint can be redeemed.

How do I earn EazyPoint?

Each car rental booking with KLEZCAR through the Application and Website will earn EazyPoint (EP) with a ratio of RM1.00 equivalent to 1 EazyPoint. For example, if Ahmad makes a Myvi car rental booking for RM130.00 a day, then Ahmad will get 130 EazyPoint.

How to check my current EazyPoint?

There are two methods to check current accumulated EazyPoint (EP) - on the customer Dashboard either  login from the Website or KLEZCAR Application.

Is EazyPoint has expiry period?

Yes, EazyPoint will automatically expired after two months, ie; if you have 100 EazyPoint (100EP) in April 2020, the 100 EazyPoint will expire in June 2020. You need to redeem EazyPoint within 2 months before expiration due date.

Can EazyPoint converted into cash?

EazyPoint cannot be converterd to cash and are not transferable to others.

What are the advantages and how to redeem EazyPoint?

.EazyPoint can be redeemed maximum up to 75% of the accumulated EazyPoint amount per car rental.


  • Ali has a accumulated Point of 1000EP, Ali can only redeem 750EP (1000EP x 75%) only for the first time usage.
  • The total balance of Ali’s EP after deducting the first redemption is 250EP (1000EP-750EP). 
  • For the second redemptiom, Ali can redeem as much as 187EP (250EP x 75%) only.

Accumulated EazyPoint can  be redeemed in the "Redeem" column, which can be seen at the customer Dashboard.