Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to frequently asked questions about KLezcar, including how to pick-up car, return car, extend rental time, payment method and much more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to frequently asked questions about KLezcar, including how to pick-up car, return car, extend rental time, payment method and much more.

Where is the rental car rental location?

KLezcar car rental pick-up locations are all over Malaysia, can refer here to see our location closest to you.

Where is the rental car return location?

The car return location is the same as the car pick-up location, however KLezcar allows for car pick-up and delivery at different locations but there are terms and conditions that need to be complied with. These include a minimum of 3 days rentals and additional charges for car hire and delivery.

Is there a rental car delivery service?

KLezcar does not provide car delivery service. Customers must pick up their car at our car pickup location. You can refer here to see our location near you.

What is the daily rental rate?

The daily rental rate depends on the type of vehicle you choose starting from as low as RM100 / day for a Perodua Viva.

Is there a minimum amount of rental hours?

The minimum amount of rental hours is not less than 5 hours.

What documents are needed to rent a car?

The documents required are IC pictures, front and back licenses as well as selfies while holding the IC

How do I know I have booked a car?

After payment you will see the order information in your registered KLezcar account and receive notification via email.

What are the available payment methods?

The first is online payments just like any other e-commers transaction. The second is online transfer, we will provide the account details for you to make the online transfer. Third is the cash payment through 7Eleven, after making a reservation on our system will give you a bar code for you to scan at 7Eleven when you want to make a cash payment at 7Eleven.

What is the minimum age for renting a car?

The minimum age to rent a car is 20 years. As well as need to have a full D license.

Is it true that taking a car with your service takes no more than 3 minutes?

Yeah. To get a car, after you make a reservation you simply have to take a photo of the car and upload it to our system through the application we provide.

What do I need to do, if I'm late for pick-up time?

If you are late for a car pickup, you are asked to contact the pickup location branch number or KLezcar hotline number. To change the time or date of picking up your car. If you do not contact us within 8 hours from the time of picking up the car, your booking will be considered cancelled.

How much time can I take and return the car?

Our operating hours are from 9am to 10pm. So you can pick up and return the car according to the time.

Do I need to inspect my car during pickup?

Yes, you need to check your own car and take 4 corners of the car as well as pictures in the car before you start driving. It is because we at KLezcar run a "Self Pickup" operation.

Can I add another driver to my order?

Yes we can and we charge a small fee for additional drivers.

In what country can I use a car?

KLezcar car hire is available only in Malaysia. It is not allowed for customers to cross to other countries such as Singapore or Thailand.

What happens if I violate the traffic rules on a rental car?

In the case of a traffic rule violation, the police ask for our driver information. We are responsible for providing this information legally.

What to do if my rental car breaks down?

KLezcar provides support assistance throughout Malaysia. In the event of an accident, car crash or damage you should contact us immediately.

What if the car is returned early from the actual return?

If you return your car before the end of your rental period, the costs for the @ unused days will not be refunded. But If you submit late rental charges will be charged according to your @ hourly rental price. Depending on the duration of the delay.

Can I make a reservation right away?

Yes can. But for instant bookings you are encouraged to make a reservation through the website or continue using the application to make a reservation.

Can I rent a car with a trial driving license?

No, individuals with trial driving license holders are not allowed to rent a car with us.

Is this Security Deposit refundable?

At KLezcar, we do not charge customers. All you have to do is pay rent.