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Assalammualaikum wbt dan Salam Sejahtera !     Salam Ramadhan buat semua umat Islam dari kami seluruh warga KLezcar.    Alhamdulillah masih lagi kita berpeluang menyambut Ramadhan tahun ini. Marhaban Ya Ramadhan 1438H ! Bulan Ramadhan bulan yang istimewa serta penuh dengan kerahmatan, keberkatan dan juga keampunan. Semoga ia membawa lebih manfaat kepada kita […]


KAD AHLI “EAZY” & “BETA EAZY” KLEZCAR ! Selamat Pagi Semua !  . Pssss nak cerita ni.. Klezcar akan melancarkan kad keahlian Klezcar yang diberi nama “EAZY”.  . Nak tahu tak apa KELEBIHAN-KELEBIHAN yang setiap ahli “EAZY” akan dapat ? Haaa! Anda layak dapat… ~DISKAUN 15% setiap sewaan minimum sehari. (Untuk sewaan […]


Assalammualaikum and Good Morning !   Any planning on renting a car with Klezcar? Special for all, let’s answer our survey & get Discount !!!   Click Here for 15% DISCOUNT on your next rental !!! Click Here for 15% DISCOUNT on your next rental !!! Click Here for 15% DISCOUNT on your next rental !!!   * […]

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Kedah is located at north of peninsular Malaysia, if your coming down for a holiday or business trip, must be more enjoy if you can driving yourself during traveling, now is a technology era, you can use your smart-phone to guide you to your location instead of waiting for a […]

Car rental in Kedah

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・・・ [Klezcar Johore Region] Klezcar in Johor keep expanding, congratulation to our new branch that have been set up at Impian Emas. Locating between Skudai, Senai, Setia Tropika, It based at strategic location cater demand and customer at western gate JB, not far from Senai Airport. Now Johorean especially in […]

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PERODUA MYVI COMFORTABLE COMPACT CAR     Why tourist must choose this myvi because this car is very spacious and comfortable. it is wider in the back seat. it is limited only to five people. it has a GPS function and a comfortable vibe. There are a lot of special […]

Perodua Myvi Best Compact Car

Thanks for participate in our Weekend Crazy KLezCar. Here is the instruction to make a booking and to redeem the coupon code. 1. Search on any search engine. 2. Select a Pick Up Date & Location. Select Return Date & Location. Insert Driver Age & Country. 3. To proceed, click […]


Klezcar is a fastest growing brand car rental service in Kuala Lumpur (KL), Malaysia, consist of 53 branches with 5 respective state in Malaysia, servicing 900++ various fleet of car, ranging from cheapest car rental to luxury budget car rental and big bike rental such motor harley davidson  for daily and monthly […]

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