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Are you food lover? Food hunter?? But unfortunately, you don’t have any transport to satisfy the desire?? Stop dreaming and start your food hunting episode with KLezCar. Let’s start first ‘Food hunting’ episode with the southest state in peninsular Malaysia. When you call JOHOR BHARU what cross to your mind?? Legoland, Ledang Mount, UTM and TMJ.


#1 Warung Sebelah Rumah MB

Jalan Abdul Rahman Andak

The best breakfast spot especially “Nasi Lemak” “Lontong kering” add on spicy fried chicken perghhhh! Marvelleous !


#2 Kacang pool Haji 

Larkin Bomba & Plaza Larkin

Exist more than 20 years, located near Larkin fire station. The popular breakfast in Larkin is Kacang pool that served with toast and more enjoy with Teh Tarik kaw! Starting from 07.00 – 12.00 midnight  (Monday – Sunday)


#3 Soto Warisan

Pasar Taman Dahlia & Larkin Sentral

Soto Warisan offers a genuine taste of soto with low prices. Highly recommended to those love spices soup !


#4 Nasi Ambang Mat Corner BBU

Bandar Baru UDA

The best Nasi Ambang with the lowest prices and a good taste! The sambal chilli is delicious! Just spent RM4.50 and get the Nasi Ambang a piece of freshly fried chicken, a fried salted fish, stir fried fresh green vegetables, tofu, fried spiced coconut shreds, and a piece of fried tempeh, there are few options for nasi ambang which is Nasi Ambang Special and Nasi Ambang Double . This restaurant operation from 11.30 am.


#5 Bubur Nasi No 1 Taman Sentosa

Taman Sentosa Johor Bharu

Located streets side, simple stall but they serve special BUBUR! They offers plain porridge with half salted duck egg, fried peanuts, sambal chili, fried shredded coconut and preserved vegetables. Eat the porridge with the sambal kangkung must be awesome! This stall operation from 6 pm until 12midnight and close Monday.


#6 Mee Rebus Hj Wahid

Plaza Angsana, Taman Rinting

Located at lower ground in food court Plaza Angsana Johor Bharu. They serve you “Mee Rebus KAW!” with the thick gravy and fast services. Operating hours is every day from 7.30 am to 11 pm. After eating the mee rebus, you can have a window shopping in Plaza Angsana.


#7 Restoran ZZ Sup Tulang Gearbox

Jalan Petri, Setia Tropika dan Damansara Aliff

Main menu here is “Sup Tulang” they offers the ‘Tulang + Daging’ or ‘Ayam + Daging’ or more delicious you can try “Tulang + Daging + Ayam” must be awesome! Besides Sup Tulang, they also offers Mee Rebus Tulang with the thick gravy.


#8 Mee Rebus Stulang

Plaza Larkin & Stulang Laut

Springy yellow noodles and bean sprouts are covered in a thick, nutty gravy and sprinkled with crunchy fried bits and  pieces from the fritter stall up front. Although the gravy may be a little on the sweet size, a squeeze of lime and a good mix with the green chilli provided can turn the entire plate of slurpy noodles into some seriously lip-smacking stuff.


#9 Pondok Santapan

Larkin Jaya

Johor is famous for its great food and the “Best Restaurant”. All the meals and snacks bring out the symbol of the state of Johor is like Laksa Johor, Bandung Noodle, boiled noodles, satay, boiled eggs, Jala Bread, beans pol, Otak-otak, biryani rice, a variety of well-seasoned, grilled tofu, Vegetable Rojak paste and more.


#10  Roslin Beriani House

Kebun The

The original Beriani taste here! With thick curry gravy and the most important is affordable price! They offers Beriani Kambing (lamb), Beriani Daging (beef) with the crunchy and juicy achar!


#11 Restoran Shahab

Taman Universiti

Nasi Briyani gam where the most authentic  as the cook manning the place himself was raised in Batu Pahat and the years of expertise and knowledge are all boiled down to one perfect plate of Nasi Briyani. They offers you Beriani & Beriani gam, chicken, beef and lamb they also offers varieties of fried rice and noodles.


#12 Kapten Steamboat & Grill

Taman Suria Muafakat

The famous steamboat & grill restaurant in JB! They marinated lamb and chicken very well. To those love lamb grill you should come here and enjoy the meal with your family and friends with affordable price package with the best accommodations.


#13 Bakar-Bakar

Bandar Baru UDA

Highly recommended ! variety of food, sauce, marinated chicken lamb and many side dishes! Enjoy eating with the buskers and of course with affordable price. For muslim, they provide you “SURAU”.


#14 Majid Murtabak Special No.1

Kg Kurnia

This Murtabak already exist in 40 years! Open from 12 noon until 6 pm. The owner always upgrade the taste based on customer taste! They also offers the original recipe and at the same time “The Murtabak Cheese” are also famous in here!


#15 Murtabak Singapura

Gerai MBJB, Jalan Sg Chat

A murtabak (or martabak) is a thin dough packet that’s often stuffed with a combination of minced meat and eggs, and fried in oil to a golden crisp. The best is mutton murtabak with the juicy mutton mixed with onions and egg.


#16  Warong Saga

Jalan Mahmoodiah

The most popular dish is Lontong Kering ! besides, they also offers you the yummy Nasi Lemak, Satay, Laksa Johor and tauhu bakar! Wow! This Warong open from 7 am until midnight. You can choose to dine in for breakfast, lunch or dinner!


#17 Asma Rojak

Plaza Larkin

Delicious rojak! Normally rojak is related with variety of food with a sweet sauce  but Asma Rojak is special there are salad, cucumber, fried fish cake, fried egg boiled and many with the yummy peanut gravy! While waiting for you bus why not come and try this!


#18  Azmie Wawa ABC

Kg Melayu Majidee

The special in this restaurant is ABC! ABC with the ice cream on top and creamy chocolate sauce in this ABC with the crunchy nuts! Ermmm yummy! You can get this ABC with just Rm3. Besides, they also offers sup tulang merah with bread, beriyani, satay and many. Operation hours starting from 3 pm.


#19 Gerai Tepian Tebrau 

There is a lot of food lot shop you can try Gerai Al Mizan that offers you special Asam Pedas, honey squid and more tasteful food ! you also can try cakuih bakar at Gerai Ayong ! the meal serves fresh with the best prices.


#20 Restoran Din BBQ

32, Jalan Bestari 6/2, Taman Nusa Bestari, Johor Bahru

The only restaurant offers a BBQ menu. You can choose chicken, fish, squid and many fresh wet ingredient. The owner of this reataurant always upgrade the skill and quality of food based on customer taste. They offers you BBQ with the asian taste.


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