5 Easy Steps To Stress Free Driving

Hello and Good Evening,

Here are 5 easy steps to stress free while driving.


1. Fix Your Back Support

Make sure you sit up straight, with your backside and back square as well as being completely grip into the seat. This helps to avoid backaches, possible back injuries and maintains awareness during long drives.

2. Adjust Your Headrest

Place a headrest to a height just above your eyelids and as close to your head as possible.

3. Keep Your Eyes At The Same Level

Adjust the seat height. This should allow you to see forward clearly with a view of the dashboard and proper height relative to the wheel and pedals.

4. Make Frequent Stops

You may be sitting down but even that can be tiring. Long highways can also be monotonous and in the hot Malaysian climate, it leads to drowsiness. Look for the rest stops at which to get out and stretch your body.

5. Be a Tech Head

With the appearence of GPS, maps and navigational tools like Waze, it’s easier than ever to plan your route, enable time and energy saving, as well as avoid stressful situations like running low on petrol with no petrol station in sight. So, use them to plan ahead your journey.


Have a safe journey everybody !


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