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>>36 Reason To Rent With Klezcar<< . [2]>> Trusted company   Klezcar is one of the company with car rental service in Malaysia. This company has been established on 2014 and until now it has been operating with more than 70 branches all over Malaysia. Klezcar has attained a certificate from Malay Businessmen and Industrialists […]

Klezcar – Trusted Car Rental Company

Assalamualaikum dan Selamat Petang ! Ada yang belum tahu ke? Ruginya..! Dah tahu nanti jangan lupa beritahu kepada anak-anak, ibu bapa, saudara mara, kawan-kawan, jiran tetangga dan juga rakan-rakan di Facebook ya..  . Di Terminal Bersepadu Selatan, selain daripada bas, teksi, LRT, ERL dan KTM, kini anda juga boleh dapatkan kereta […]

Kereta Sewa Klezcar di TBS

 >>36 Reason To rent With Klezcar<<   [3]>> Unlimited Mileage   Customers can enjoy their road trip around Malaysia with comfort and style because Klezcar offers unlimited kilometers for their journeys. It will be good choice for you to go for vacation or any events when you desire more freedom […]

KLEZCAR – Unlimited Mileage

Widest Coverage | Liputan Luas 2
>>36 Reason To Rent With Klezcar<< . [2]>> Widest Coverage of Car Rental Service There are 77 Klezcar branches all over Malaysia. This number shows that Klezcar is the widest car rental service in Malaysia. Customers may rent cars from any Klezcar branch that nearest to their location because the […]

KLEZCAR – Widest Coverage Service

Leasing Klezcar
LEASING Your One Stop Transportation Solutions – KLEZCAR is the Right Choice For You. Why lease a car? Get 100% driving pleasure and 0% hassle when you lease a car in Malaysia. You don’t need to worry about commitments of owning a car. Leasing vehicle to KLEZCAR will leave you […]

KLEZCAR is the Right Choice For You – LEASING

Money-Back Guarantee
>>36 Reasons To Rent With Klezcar<<       [1]>> Money Back Guarantee Dear All, Klezcar assure all customers to enjoy the guarantees provided.   WHAT WE GUARANTEE? Klezcar will give FREE rental day if do not comply with the criteria assigned.     WHAT ARE THE CRITERIA? 1. Odorless- Every […]

Money Back Guarantee | Odorless, Clean , Well-balanced

“Klezcar juga menawarkan perkhidmatan kereta sewa berserta pemandu atau ‘car rental with chauffeur‘.” Assalamualaikum dan Selamat Pagi, Klezcar Travel & Tours Sdn Bhd adalah sebuah syarikat yang menyediakan perkhidmatan sewa kereta terbesar di Malaysia. Selain daripada perkhidmatan kereta sewa pandu sendiri, Klezcar juga menawarkan perkhidmatan kereta sewa berserta pemandu atau […]

Perkhidmatan Kereta Sewa Klezcar Bersama Pemandu

KLezCar KLIA2 2
Klezcar Car Rental operates new branch in KLIA 2 Airport, Sepang, Malaysia Starting from 1 November 2016, Klezcar has operated in KLIA 2. Look for us in KLIA 2 whenever you want to rent car. With us in this location, tourist can come directly to our counter for car renting. […]

KLezCar Cheap Car Rental in KLIA2

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PERODUA MYVI COMFORTABLE COMPACT CAR     Why tourist must choose this myvi because this car is very spacious and comfortable. it is wider in the back seat. it is limited only to five people. it has a GPS function and a comfortable vibe. There are a lot of special […]

Perodua Myvi Best Compact Car