Car rental in Terengganu

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Car rental in Kuala Terengganu, Terengganu is Kelantan neighbor. Terengganu is located in east coast in Peninsular Malaysia. The culture and lifestyle in Terengganu are almost same with Kelantan. Their traditional food is also almost same. The special about Terengganu is the island in Terengganu will promise you the beautiful coral reefs.


Besides islands, Terengganu city has a lot of places to visit such as Terengganu State Museum that expose you to the history of Terengganu state. Terengganu also has i-City, the most popular places is Crystal Mosque and near the mosque has Islamic civilization park that show you the architecture of mosque in whole country. Terengganu also has a lot of beach, you can relaxed at seaside such as Batu Buruk Beach and Airport Beach. While visit the interesting places in Terengganu, you can enjoy eat ‘sata’ made from fish fillet and coconut extract mix with spices, its very tasty with the salty taste. Besides sata, ‘Keropok Lekor’ is the most popular in Terengganu, ‘Keropok lekor’ is identity for the Terengganu state. Keropok Lekor is made from the fresh fish fillet can be eat after boiled or fried. You can enjoy visit Terengganu and taste local food there when you driving by your own.


No more constraint to find a car rental in Terengganu! Just need to log on to You are most welcome to have a look at our fleet and doing the reservation by online booking. You just need to undergo the simple process and within 3 minutes you are done with your booking process. The first step is you just need to select the pickup and return date, select the exact pickup and return location, choose the type of car and car brands, select the payment and make a payment and its done. The pickup location is in Batu Buruk Car Rental, Bukit Payung Car Rental, and Kuala Terengganu Car Rental (Batu Enam Car Rental and Kuala Nerus Car Rental).

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